Why Should You Consider Expensive Office Chairs?

While purchasing an expensive office chair, you may still be considering the type of equipment you want for your dedicated space. Those cheap and affordable chairs from notable retailers such as Amazon may seem fruitful given the continued stay at home restrictions. However, are they really the right level of comfort for you to work productively throughout the day? 

To shed light on why expensive chairs may provide that much-needed level of protection and stability, we have devised a list of key attributes synonyms with those pricer chairs. 


It’s important that you prioritize comfort for your home office – particularly if you have an office-based job (and particularly if you continue to work remotely).  

With this being said, it is often the case that premium office chairs come housed with commercial-grade foam, similar to that of memory foam, which facilitates a natural and, more importantly, comfortable sitting environment. 

For instance, our dual lumbar leather 24-hour office hair is a fully functional contoured chair that is feature-rich and can be adjusted to support any user in the best possible way, providing instant comfort to every user’s unique shape. 

On the contrary, while many lower-budget chairs can provide consumers with that much-needed respite, over time the foams may degrade and thus lose their depth and shape. 


Ergonomic chairs are synonymous with extensive research and development. While this usually infers additional cost, the end result involves less pain and strain to your body in the long-run. 

 For example, the KAB seating collection has been backed by over 50 years of experience in seating design, development, and manufacture. On the basis of this extensive experience together with state of the art technology and manufacturing techniques, KAB Seating has also developed a range of Office chairs. These are suitable for general office and 24-hour working environment

KAB Seating is also currently producing more than 4000 units per week here at KAB Seating and the emphasis is always to look for improvements that can be made to efficiencies, whilst maintaining and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We also have state-of-the-art welding robots, our own electrostatic paint plant and 16 final assembly lines, all of which are linked via the network with live data capture that can be analysed and reacted to remotely from anywhere in the world. 


A chair that breaks, wobbles, or just malfunctions, in general, is never ideal. No matter how deep your pockets, premium quality chairs that will last for prolonged periods of time should always be a top priority when it comes to office seating. 

Typically, the materials from which the office chairs were made from is what incurs costly price tags. For example, some office chairs cost more because they’re made of materials such as wood, aluminum, or high-end plastic. All of this contributes to its quality and durability over time. 

Indeed, most high-end ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to last for up to at least 5 years, which is why they’re a little bit more expensive than your standard office chairs on the marketplace. 

As a heavy-duty office chair product, the KAB ACS executive heavy-duty 24-hour office chair is made with those company executives and entrepreneurs in mind, featuring premium leather contours and eight electrically adjustable airbags around the seat and back cushions to ensure maximum comfort.

To cut down on costs, low-budget office chairs can be made from some cheap plastic with almost no padding, and very few adjustment options.  


Warranty is essential for any product you purchase. 

As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive the chair, the better the warranty. As aforementioned, those expensive office chairs that are made from aluminum or metals typically come with extended warranties to cover the cost of repair, should a malfunction occur. 

Higher-end office chairs usually come with 5-year warranties. For instance, the majority of comfy seatings high-end office chairs come with a 5-year warranty. 

Low-budget office chairs often come with a limited 12 month warranty or no warranty at all.


Interior furnishings that match your home’s existing decor, as well as your own personal style, are always greatly appreciated. Everyone deserves an office task chair that’s individually tailored to their needs. Fortunately, expensive office chairs provide you with the ability to customise your product to your own individual taste and style. 

More expensive office chairs are highly customizable. These chairs cost more because they’re available in a plethora of colors, bases, frame finishes, and back style options.   

For example, you can opt for a bespoke office chair, or if you want something a bit more ‘out there’, then you can purchase the Orange Elastomer Gel designer executive chair. The options are endless. 

Cheaper office chairs may be limited to one or two fabric options only.

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