KAB Seating Office Chairs

What are KAB seating office chairs? 

KAB Seating is a company that specialises in the manufacturing of ergonomic, comfortable, and extremely practical work seats for a variety of vehicles and workplaces. They are renowned for their experience and state of the art technology, as well as their top quality manufacturing techniques. Due to this, KAB seating has developed a range of office chair lines that are suitable for both general offices as well as 24-hour working environments. 

KAB Seating has developed a worldwide distribution network. It also has subsidiaries in Sweden, Belgium, Australia, China, and North America. Their mission is to supply superior, premium quality vehicle seating and office chairs. Their seats are produced utilising innovative design mechanisms to support the human body for extended periods of time. 

At Comfy Seating, we offer a range of their most popular offices that are heavy duty and perfect for everyday use. Modeled in accordance with their vehicle seats, the range of KAB office chairs we supply is incredibly durable, comfortable, and great value for money.

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