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Control rooms are the polar opposite of your typical cushy office environment. Equipped with elaborate fire suppression and security systems to safeguard their contents and occupants, these workstations are very different from your standard desk and chair combo (with a fancy coffee machine).

Given that your control room chairs can be occupied 24 hours a day, it is imperative that your operators remain comfortable around the clock. This is where the science of ergonomics comes in…

Indeed, control rooms are vital for organizations to efficiently and effectively monitor multiple information streams and make accurate mission-critical decisions. With an ever-increasing number of content sources and applications to manage, in addition to collaborative information integration needs, today’s control rooms require system management that is efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time offering maximum operator comfort.

Whether it’s for monitoring, decision-making, responding, controlling, collaborating, or communicating, control room operators need to respond to a multitude of signals with optimal efficiency and decision making.  

Consequently, a well-designed control room should accommodate your operators’ physical needs, while also allowing them to make split-second, mission-critical decisions. It should combine form and function to keep operators and technology working in harmony. Operators should have minimal disruptions, outstanding comfort, and space to perform each aspect of their job function. And unsurprisingly, this all boils down to the comfort levels of a singular control room chair. 

In this blog, we aim to examine the major considerations employers should keep in mind when it comes to control room design and chair ergonomics. 

People are at the heart of the control room 

While many people may hold the perception that complex machinery is what keeps the control room functioning, it is actually those human operators that are the beating heart of this industry. Thus, control rooms should be designed around their individual needs. 

While control rooms are complex projects to design and build, often difficult to update once operational, incorporating efficient ergonomic or 24-hour chairs that will sustain comfort levels is a great and simplistic place to start…

What are Ergonomic Chairs and what’s their importance within the control room environment?  

Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population. In more practical terms, it’s about designing for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. In the control room, the work environment is particularly crucial for several reasons:

  • operators often work long shifts
  • the control room is operational 24/7
  • the role involves prolonged periods using displays
  • employees are handling ever-increasing volumes of data
  • contextual factors require fast responsiveness and create pressure

So before doing anything, ask yourself whether the control room you operate in is truly built to support staff. If there are areas where the environment is not totally compatible, try making some improvements to ergonomics; the next 3 points will help you identify the most critical.

Types of Chairs to Install in the Control Room?

When your operators sit down, they’ll each have a specific preference when it comes to their chair. Some may prefer a sturdy chair that supports their back, whilst others may want something softer that they can sink into. Everyone has their own personal favourites. 

With this in mind, we have selected our top 2 control room chairs that will accommodate a variety of styles, tastes, and most importantly, comfort. 

KAB Controller 24 hour office chair

Ideal for occupations control rooms operators, given the chairs capacity to allow users to sit higher and adjust to the contours of their back. In turn, this facilitates concentration and work productivity.

The KAB controller heavy-duty Office Chair features include:

• Air lumbar support

• Backrest angle adjustment to 16 degrees

• Robust steel frame

• Contoured cushions

It’s important to be comfortable and well-supported whilst you work and the KAB controller heavy-duty half leather office chair allows you to do just that. With air lumbar support incorporated to improve your posture and relieve pressure on your spine when seated, this model of KAB office seating is perfect for extensive use. The reclining backrest adjustments also assist with relieving pressure on your upper body muscles and disc

KAB K4 Premium Controller Heavy Duty 24 Hour Use Work Chair

This half leather, half fabric ergonomic control room chair is designed for hard-working 24/7 environments. The seat cushion can extend from 430-480mm. Also available in full leather or fabric.

Features include;

• Heavy duty 24 hour use

• Max Weight Capacity 31 stones

• Robust Steel Frame

• Air Lumbar Support

• Seat Slide

• Backrest Angle Adjustment

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