Ergonomic Desk Chairs

What is an ergonomic office chair? 

Ergonomic office chairs, formally known as orthopedic office chairs, are chairs that are designed to support your body, considering factors such as your posture, neck and comfort levels. Their design mechanism facilitates ease of use for prolonged periods of time, ultimately optimising work productivity within the office space or when working at home.

What makes a chair ergonomic?

Unlike your typical office chairs, there are a number of distinct functions that make a chair ‘ergonomic’. 

  • Seat height adjustment – for a chair to be classified as ergonomic, the height should be adjustable. The chair should be able to modify itself to accommodate the individual’s body dimension, facilitating ease of use and comfort when sat upon the chair. 
  • Seat pan depth adjustment (seat slide) – which means that you can adjust the depth of your chair to a wart inch specification between the edge of your seat and the back of your knees to allow for both of your legs to settle in a way that can support blood flow. The reasoning behind this is to safeguard you from deep vein thrombosis, which is a lack of equal blood flow to your legs, which can be common non-ergonomic chairs that are not adjusted to the exact dimensions of your body. 
  • Backrest height adjustment – lumbar support is a common feature of ergonomic chairs, which are integrated into the backrest part of your chair. You can move the direction of these support mechanisms to help keep your back relaxed and less strained when based in an upright position for extended periods of time. 
  • Back angle adjustment – is a common characteristic of ergonomic chairs, which enable you to recline the back of your chair to a comfortable position or angle – preventing you from sitting in the same angle all day which results in pressure on your spine. 
  • Arm support adjustment – arm supports that can be modified in both height and width qualify as an ergonomic chair. Again these design features ensure that you are not straining your muscles and have a support system when working. 
  • Back title tension 

What are the benefits of ergonomic chairs? 

  • Supports posture the adjustable neck, back, and arm support supports your boy and prevents you from stiffening up and having muscle strain. Ergonomic chairs are an indispensable office item for anyone with back pain, neck pain etc. 
  • Comfortable – being able to adjust the chair to your specific body composition and personal requirements maximises your comfort levels when sat at your desk. If you are uncomfortable and placing excess pressure on your bones joints/muscles, this could lead to serious health implications
  • Reduces neck problems
  • Reduces your back pain
  • Reduced pressures on your hips 
  • Increases work productivity 

How to choose an ergonomic chair? 

For those people who spend the majority of their days sitting at a desk, it’s important to select a chair that is going to accommodate your specific dimensions and provide comfort throughout the duration of the day. Incorrect office setups can result in a stew of health and posture problems. Workplaces may purchase cheap office chairs in bulk to cater to their large workforce, however, this isn’t always the most practical solution. 

When choosing an ergonomic office chair, you need to consider what will work best for you and your specific needs. For those office workers, most of us will spend the majority of our days in a stationary position sat at our desks. In fact, it is stipulated that more than 81% of workings in the UK are sat at their desk for at least 4-8 hours a day – a figure that is increasingly on the rise as lockdown restrictions are in place and people retreat to their home working environment. With this in mind, it is increasingly important that we have a chair that is going to provide that additional support.

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If so, finding a chair with the right mechanisms is a must. It is a fruitful idea to opt for a chair with proper lumbar support to reduce any back pain and discomfort. For example, our range of dual lumbar support office chairs are perfect for this, with contoured cushions and synchronised tilt mechanism is lockable in any reclined position to provide optimal comfort when working from your chair.

Alternatively, are you the type of worker who likes to lean back on your chair? Then it is extremely worthwhile to purchase an office chair that will facilitate this and allow you to tilt away. Again, our ergonomic chair options with adjustable tilt tension such as the mesh heavy duty contract posture office chair are ideal for those tilters amongst us. The synchro tilt built within the chair allows your backrest to recline and lean back comfortably whilst you work.

At we have an extensive range of high-quality and cost-effective ergonomic office chairs that are designed to facilitate comfort and work productivity. Our range of products comes housed with functions that cater to those back, neck, and spine problems, preventing you from straining your muscles and generating further pain when working. 

All of our ergonomic office chairs have been chiropractor approved and are proven to help posture, focusing on reducing aches and pains as well as increasing productivity levels. They all come in a range of styles and colours, ensuring maximum function without sacrificing on design aesthetic. Shop our range today to find out more!

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