The Importance of Having A Comfy Chair

The current climate has forced a large proportion of employees on a global scale into a work-from-home arrangement. And whilst most people may now have acclimatized to their remote working facilities, you may have started to notice an overall dip in your productivity levels – a factor that could be directly connected to your current workspace. 

For those employees who are grappling with their new remote reality, here is why comfortable seating is fundamental to your overall health and work productivity…

Comfy Office Seating Boosts comfort

Currently, and with the harsh economic standards, most people spend about six to eight hours in the office, working. Well, that means that you will have to spend most of your day glued to that office desk. Unfortunately, however, many employees’ office chairs do not provide the much-needed comfort and enjoyment that would be required for an eight hour day of solid work. This is particularly the case during this present moment, with many remote workers creating ‘makeshift’ office facilities from their dining or kitchen chairs and tables. 

Indeed, employee comfort is an essential asset for creating a productive working environment. Whether fidgeting, slouching or attention span waning on a continuous basis, employees who find their chairs uncomfortable will often find any excuse to get up out of their seat. Research has found that employees working in an ergonomic environment were 17.5% more productive compared to an environment that wasn’t optimised.  It is therefore vital that you have chairs that can easily accommodate employees’ physical requirements to avoid the inevitable feat of unproductive behaviour. 

Thankfully, at comfy seating, our CDP02MA Mesh Heavy Duty Contract Posture Chair provides the much-needed comfort for your 8 hour day. With height-adjustable backs and arms to provide adequate back and shoulder support, seat slide and weight tensioner- these chairs are suitable for 24-hour usage. The chairs are also designed with an air mesh seat and mesh back to effortlessly support your body weight whilst providing a supportive surface to keep your body upright and protected throughout the day.

Improves productivity

Every morning, you wake up fresh and ready to set a difference. But, after sitting at your desk for a few hours, you’re getting uncomfortable. The daunting experience leaves you with no option but to take a break or even call it a day. Unfortunately, such experiences mean that you delay your work or even miss deadlines. The major benefit of having a comfy chair and one that accommodates you well is that this can help reduce such surprises. With a perfect chair, you find yourself glued there to the point that you won’t realize that it’s time to break for your lunch. Yet, if you are experiencing a lot of physical problems due to your office chair, it’s likely that you’ll be taking a few sick days to deal with the pain. No-one likes taking a day off work but by the same token, it’s going to be easier to call in sick if you know you’ll only be uncomfortable once you’re there. If you are comfortable at work then you’re going to feel much happier – naturally.

Improves Posture While Eliminating Back Pains

Sitting on an uncomfortable office chair for extended periods of time can cultivate back pain or worsen existing back pains. The static posture maintained during your 8 hour day in the chair can increase stress on the back, shoulders, arms and legs in addition to creating large amounts of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs. Consequently, pain and discomfort ensue and engagement and productivity rates drop considerably when physical pain is involved.

Whilst an ergonomic chair is fundamental in improving back posture and support, it is vital that a chair is contoured to an individuals body as a way of improving comfort and reducing aggravation to the spine.

Our charcoal mesh designer executive operator chair surpasses all expectations when it comes to the office and home working.  This chair takes you to a new comfort destination with the seat and backrest carefully contoured together with the orthopaedic designed frame providing maximum comfort. The chair also contains adjustable lumbar support, Synchro-tilt multi-lock mechanism with tilt tension adjustment, height-adjustable armrests, coated aluminium base with castor detailing as well as an optional height-adjustable headrest – enhancing your posture and thus making you less resistant to slouching. 


Maybe now you’ve realised how important a really good office chair is. It doesn’t matter where you work – if you’ve got to sit at a desk for hours then you need to bear in mind all the factors we discussed. Check out our extensive range of ergonomic chairs that any occupational therapist would approve of!

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